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Since the Association was set up over 1,000 boats have been entered into the Register, which is accessible to all members. Craft registered range from classic racing dinghies to wooden ships. Unfortunately due to a number of circumstances on January 1st 2014 it was decided to close the Association.


World wide membership

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The membership extended world wide and there were a number of Regional Sections holding regular meetings. The Association's policy was to encourage the start-up of additional local sections. It held a National Rally where members were able to meet with or without their boat. We also met at Boat Shows and other national events.

Pictorial and historical archive

The Association is currently compiling a pictorial and historical archive of registered craft, providing a valuable and lasting record for the future. You can view some of the pictures within the Members Only section, we hope to expand this over time.

Keeping in touch with members

Our main link between members is through the magazine The Log containing articles written by members about their boats, experiences and views. We always welcome articles. The Editor is there to streamline the text if necessary so you don't need to be a genius to contribute! Advertising in The Log is also available.

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Examining Regulations affecting wooden boats

The Association plays an important part in examining incoming regulations that may affect vintage wooden boats and responding to consultation on these. We are affliated to the RYA and are associate members of the Parliamentary Waterways Group.


There is a range of regalia available: sweatshirts, polo and tee shirts, burgees, caps, enamelled badges and boat plates. This can be purchased at events or online at R.D. & M. Gregg.

Becoming a member

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No longer applicable.

Registration classes

Veteran pre 1915
Vintage pre 1940
Classic 25 years +
Modern under 25

Whilst you're here, why not take a look at this month's Featured Boat or perhaps have a peek at some of the restoration projects that our members have taken on.

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